Welcome to the Burney Blog!

We at the Burney Company consider an unwavering commitment to our clients as our primary core value. We are always open to ways to improve the client experience and, for this reason, we are excited to introduce the Burney Blog.

Our old website was very good at providing information about us as a company. It was good at explaining our strategies. It was good at telling our story. It was not good at generating fresh, new content that was interesting enough to come back for. When our old site was created, it fit its purpose but in today’s world of social media and online interaction, our site was too static. In short, it provided no reason for clients to return to burney.com once they came on board. That changes now.

The Burney Blog gives us a real time online voice. New content will be added to this blog whenever changing economic conditions dictate it. We hope to offer a unique take on current events coming from a different angle than what you hear or read in sensationalized headlines geared towards generating web traffic. We seek to provide you with a reasoned and complete take on the things that affect your retirement, your savings, your future.

We will also use this space as an educational resource. We will share our philosophies (read about Size and Style here and our Stock Selection process here). We will debut a Timeless Keys to Investment Success series. We will share findings from our Research Department (browse our past research here). We hope to provide you with a deeper understanding of the forces at play in the market and how we manage/exploit them.

Whether you are an existing client, someone looking for professional investment management or just someone interested in investments, we hope you’ll find yourself coming back to the Burney Blog on a regular basis. Subscribe to our RSS feed and keep an eye out for social media accounts in the near future.

We’re excited to get started!



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