Personalized Portfolios

Many people do not have the flexibility to invest in cookie-cutter portfolios that do not consider their personal situations. Some investors have workplace restrictions limiting the companies in which they can invest. Some people want to feel comfortable that their investments reflect their values. Whatever your restrictions are, we can work with you to build personalized portfolios that satisfy your requirements.

Workplace Restrictions

We have years of experience managing portfolios for clients who work at public accounting firms, consulting firms and other firms with investment restrictions to avoid potential conflicts of interest. We will work closely with you and your firm’s compliance system to design and implement our investment strategies that stay in compliance with your independence requirements.

US Equities with Dividends

We generally take a total return approach to investing – that is, we aim to invest in a portfolio of stocks expected to generate higher returns independent of whether the underlying companies pay dividends. We acknowledge, however, that some investors prefer the comfort of dividends and others want their portfolio to produce income. If your preference is to invest in dividend paying companies, we offer our Size and Style Responsive Strategy with an emphasis on dividend paying stocks.