The Burney Master Portfolio

The Master Portfolio utilizes a classic investment approach with a focus on solid, undervalued stocks and expert stock selection. Established at the company’s founding in October 1974, its documented long-term performance is the result of the consistent application of Burney’s proprietary analytical methods.


Though most material information is “efficiently” embedded in the price of a stock, the market makes systematic pricing errors that can be identified and exploited using quantitative techniques. Employing proprietary methods developed over the past half century, Burney analyzes a factor library containing over a thousand descriptors of a company’s Growth, Valuation, Profitability, Safety, and Technical attributes. Factors associated with excess return are used in analytical models that score stocks based on their excess return potential.

We offer clients the option to have their portfolios managed to replicate the Master Portfolio.


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Click here to see full disclosures.