Company Overview

The Burney Company, established in 1974, is an Investment Advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission1. We provide professional management of investments for individual and corporate clients. Our Portfolio Managers are located throughout the country while our headquarters and analytical group are in Reston, Virginia.

The Burney Company is unique. We have developed our own proprietary equities analytical system upon which we base our investment selections. The system is fundamental, conservative, and comprehensive. Furthermore, we continually update the system to adjust it to changes in the investment world. This fundamental approach to equity analysis and portfolio management drives our success.

The Burney Company combines a remarkable record of performance along with a longstanding dedication to the individual investor. Whatever your long-term goals, we are focused on helping you structure your investments to meet them in accordance with your financial situation and guidance.

We are true investment advisors, committed to providing our clients with a personalized approach to portfolio management. We don’t sell high-fee investment products. The Burney Company receives no compensation from brokerages; this ensures we align our interests with those of our clients.

We understand the importance of successfully managing a client’s investments. To that end, we believe a close examination of our services, our investment performance, and our team of dedicated professionals is merited by any serious investor. In addition to our long-term success, we are proud of our record of trust and integrity. I thank you for considering The Burney Company.


J.C. Burney
Chairman and Founder

1Registration as an Investment Advisor does not imply a certain level of skill or training.