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Maximize your opportunities with our proprietary, tax-efficient U.S. equity strategies and forward-looking asset allocation models.

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Equity Specialists since 1974

The Burney Company is an SEC-registered Investment Advisor. For 50 years we’ve helped guide investors through booms and busts, recessions and expansions.

We all have dreams and ambitions. Whatever your long-term goals, we are here to help you meet them.

Investment Management Strategies


Size & Style Responsive (SSR)

SSR is a proprietary strategy based on the Style Analysis principles of Nobel laureate William Sharpe.

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Personalized Portfolios

Whether you have workplace restrictions or want your investments to reflect your values, we can work with you to build portfolios that meet your needs.

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The Burney Master Portfolio

A traditional approach to investing with a focus on solid, undervalued stocks.

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Stock Selection

Our proprietary model evaluates companies according to key growth, valuation, profitability, safety and technical attributes to establish which stocks to buy and which to avoid.

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Wealth Management Services

We offer customized, holistic solutions that promote active attention and care across all contributing areas of your wealth.

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