The Burney Company engages in on-going equity research and market research designed to better understand the pricing dynamics of the market. We often share summaries of our work on this website.

The following content is informational only and based on information available when created. They provide the research and analysis by our analysts which discuss opinions or fact patterns and are subject to change. It is not a recommendation to buy or sell any particular security or any security with a particular size, style, or sector designation. It does not consider your financial circumstances and objectives and may not be suitable for you.

07/12/2018 The Cycle of Size

11/01/2017 The Case For Globally Diversified Portfolios
02/02/2017 Dynamic Asset Correlations During Times of Market Stress

09/08/2016 Are You Taking Enough Risk to Enjoy a Comfortable Retirement?

02/03/2015 A Bullish Pattern for Stocks

09/22/2014 Yield Curve Says the Bull Market Has More Time to Run
04/29/2014 Burney's Stock Scoring System
04/14/2014 Market Commentary – March 2014
01/09/2014 Elevated VIX Hints at Higher Expected Returns

02/13/2013 The Fed’s January Meeting

11/20/2012 The Fiscal Cliff
09/25/2012 Housing and the Recession
09/18/2012 Sell in May and Go Away?
08/01/2012 The Merit of Conventional Wisdom
06/04/2012 Euro Zone Concerns

08/18/2011 Interpreting the Market’s Volatility
06/20/2011 The Greek Default Crisis and the U.S. Budget Impasse
05/09/2011 Time to Cash Out of the Market?

05/27/2010 Greek Debt Crisis
03/04/2010 Setting Expectations III

2009 & Before
12/09/2009 Market Leading Indicators Note
12/01/2008 What's Going to Happen Next?
07/15/2008 Investor's Worst Enemy
04/09/2008 Bombs and Fallen Angels
02/26/2008 Wisdom of Crowds
01/25/2008 Time is All You Need
11/14/2007 Washington Mutual Note
08/17/2007 A 10 percent Correction
04/11/2006 The Merit of Un-Conventional Wisdom
04/07/2006 Mar06 Size Cycle Update
10/13/2005 Oct05 PE Update
10/12/2005 Oct05 PV Update
06/21/2005 The Leverage Effect